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How To Create A Realistic Portrait?

Portraits are one of the most favorite drawings among artists as every face is unique and requires a bit different approach to the drawing.  Although many artists have been drawing portraits for a long time, not all of them can produce a realistic one. This article will give you the short explanation of drawing a realistic portrait so make sure you follow our short guide to become a skillful portrait artist. Remember, it takes a lot of effort and time before you master the portrait drawing. The key thing is that you do not rush, so you do not miss anything or draw an incorrect line.

Starting from the scratch – draw a circle

Unless you are drawing a cartoon-like portrait, you will want to draw a circle as the start of your project. Now, make two lines from both sides of face downwards so they form a nice triangle. Then draw a curve line that starts from the tips of triangle and ends in on the tip below. The next line is a vertical that you need to draw in order to divide your face in two halves: draw two sets of parallel lines across the face so you could use this as the orientation for nose, eyes and other details.

Now sketch up the nose, mouth, eyes and eyebrows, using the horizontal line and vertical ones as your guidance. Make the border lines thicker and make hair, neck, and shoulders using all the curve lines. At the end, use the color pencils or whatever you use to add colors and form a nice realistic portrait. Remember, the coloring comes at the end, when you are done with sketching and drawing.


Things to remember

Always use a light pencil when you are starting out as you need to sketch up the portrait. The details always come in the end, once you are finished with the outlines and main elements like eyes, nose and mouth. Remember, the more elements you draw, it will be easier to create realistic details.