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Julian Crowe

Julian Crowe is a London based photographer specialising in people, documentary, street and still life photography. 

He recalls his first intentionally composed photograph at the age of 8 taken with his sisters Kodak Instamatic camera. He remembers noticing something special about the relationship between an old chair and a tall Artichoke plant in a vegetable garden and felt compelled to record the scene. The photograph still exists in an old family album somewhere. As if in anticipation of his future direction the film he chose to load into the Instamatic was black and white.

Having used 35mm and medium format film based cameras and now solely working with digital cameras using predominantly available light, Julian seeks to capture intensity and gravitas from his human subjects, to explore the naturally found geometries in architecture and its relationship with its surroundings and to capture serenity and beauty in still life.

Shooting in both colour and black & white Julian avoids elaborate post production techniques doing little more than would be applied in the traditional darkroom process therefore fully retaining the integrity of each photographed moment. 

Julian Crowe lives and works in London and has worked commercially with both the still and the moving image including 2D, 3D animation and live action (1998's Lost In Space among many others).

Still life with Books and Astray, Julian Crowe
Reclining Nude, Julian Crowe
Market Stall with Leopard Head, Julian Crowe
Doll Head, Julian Crowe
Coco La Meutriere, Julian Crowe