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United Kingdom

Charlotte Alergant

An experiment in communication with objects, the elements of nature with which we live and people.

Close-up points of view merge into abstraction, bringing landscape into still-life and portraiture. The blending of form reflects the inter-dependence between the living and the man-made.

Simple places such as the inside of a cup, apparently empty and uneventful, can be transformed through play with shadow, form and colour.
At root the desire is to portray the response of the artist to the subject in layers of time-lapsed moments.  The wish is not for a 'successful painting' and ultimately the paint has its own say, at each stage, towards a completed piece.
If none of this makes sense, it reflects the way each new painting is like "diving in at the deep end without knowing how to swim." (Edouard Manet).

Red Cup, Charlotte Alergant
Grapes, Charlotte Alergant
Bowl and Spoon II, Charlotte Alergant