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Déjà vu Art Exhibit In Brent

If you are looking for an art exhibition that accepts all kinds of art work, then Déjà vu exhibit is just for you! The exhibit will be held from 7th November to 16th December this year in Willesden Green Library Centre, Brent. This year, the event will be opened by a contemporary artist, whose name we will not disclose as we want it to be a surprise. This will be actually the 30th annual Déjà vu exhibition and for that reason, there will be some special promotions and chances to get engaged into the real projects that could give you the potential job. Stay tuned!

What kind of exhibition is this?

This is pretty much like a normal one, with the difference that will last for an almost month, so you will have enough time to check everything out. You, as the artist, can showcase all the 2D work that is made by you without anyone’s help. Paintings, photography, print, drawings and mixed media are accepted, as well as sculptural work and contemporary crafts. For the sake of space, it accepts only the limited number of artists, so do not be late to sign up for it. Also, all the artists must choose one piece for their showcase. It means you should choose your best piece of art for this occasion and do pay attention to mounting and framing. For more specification, you should contact the agency and find out what the requirements are listed for your showcase. In this article you will find the requirements for framing and size limits but we suggest you contacting for more information.


How to apply and what are requirements?

As we said, the number of available places is limited so it is advised to send your application as soon as possible. You should send an email, by the 13th October, containing:

  • JPEG/Image with the title (the title should contain your name)
  • Information about the size of your work
  • The price of your piece
  • The title.

In order to show your work, you will need to use professional framings and not use Perspex or clipping frames. You can use unframed 2D works that are mounted on a board or aluminum plate, with the D rings. The D rings use for hanging of the work, so make sure you have one on each of sides, 7-10cm from the top and make sure they are invisible once you hang the work. The size limit for 3D works is 30cm2 while for 2D work is 1m2.

Another thing you must pay attention to is titling. Your work must contain, on the back side, the name of author, the title of drawing and the price tag. This is due to easier classification and sorting the works. Make sure you bring the insurance with you as each artist will have his own insurance in case of loss or damage to the artwork. All the works that do not meet these requirement will not be processed or accepted.

Figure & Portrait Exhibition – 12 to 15 September

Are you looking for a cool exhibition of portraits and figures? Want to be a part of contemporary art practice. The BAR gallery will host another great art exhibition that will contain a unique and interesting pieces of art where artists draw figures and portraits. The event welcomes all the mediums, styles and techniques as long as the works are original and unique. This form of contemporary art will attract many companies that are looking for the potential artists. The event will last three days – from 12th to 15th September and the number of accepted artists is limited, so you should not wait for submitting the application!

What is the deadline and what are the requirements?

The submission deadline is the 24th August and all applications that are received after this date will not be accepted or considered. The reason for this is the smaller space in the gallery so keep this in mind when applying. The hand-in day is 28th August, when you must submit your works so these could be prepared well and in advance. You are eligible to submit up to 5 works that are yours and unique, without any additional fee. The only fee that you will have to pay is hanging fee for the selected works. All the payments for these hanging fees are used for paying out the management, venue, staff and private view. There will be no commission on sold pieces, regardless to a number of sold pieces. All those that are not exclusive members will pay £18 for 1 meter, while members pay £12 for 1 meter of space.


What kind of work is accepted?

You can submit all kind of portraits and figure drawings, regardless to a style and format. The only thing that you should be aware of is that you should not make a work that is oversized. This is hard to handle and it could cost you more than a normal size art, so keep that in mind. All the big formats will require much more space, so that means you will not be able to submit 5 works. Instead, if you are having a wide drawing, you will be able to apply with one large drawing and one normal-size work.


Can I apply today?

Yes, the application procedure is opened and very easy! Do not wait anymore as you can sign up today, even for membership access that will provide you more space for the same price. The cost of application is 0, and all you have to pay is a hanging fee and the space for your works. Everything that you sell will not be commissioned, meaning all the money from sold work goes to you. Also ,make sure you applu before the designated date and include in email: your name, the title of work, the data of work, JPEG/image of you, the size of your work and the price tag. The BAR gallery is waiting for you!